EZ-Flash : Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS flash cards

ez-flash vi rts ez5iEZ-Flash Advance team was one of the major GBA Flash Card manufacturers back at the turn of the sanctuary. Their flagship models included EZF Advance and EZ-Flash II PowerStar Gameboy Advance flash card and USB linker. Later on they turned to producing quality Nintendo DS and DS Lite flash cartridges and when the DSi was released with new security measures they were one of the first to make DSi compatible R4 flash cards called EZ-FLASH Vi.

Another unique product from EZFlash team is the EZ-FLASH 3in1 Expansion Pack for DS and DSL, that includes DS Rumble feature with adjustable strength + RAM Expansion to enable support for NDS/DSLite official web browser (Opera DS) + GBA ROM support using R4 or EZ-Flash V card and micro SD card + Full integration with EZ-FLASH V flash cards for playing NES, GameBoy, SNES and other emulators!


ezflash 3in1 ezpansion pack

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